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A remarkable coming-of-age novel that brilliantly weaves together the domestic dramas of Jane Austen, the foreboding atmosphere of the Bronte sisters, the simmering passions of the romantic poets, and the intrigue of fairy folklore.

1830’s ENGLAND—

Caroline Fyfe presents herself as a dutiful daughter, an imaginative storyteller, and a literature enthusiast. But on the inside, she is a restless and heartbroken young woman who is still in love with Tom Daley – her married, childhood friend. With the support of her sensible sister, Maryanne, Caroline attempts to move on with her life by finding another suitor.

However, the new future that she envisioned is disrupted when Tom makes a shocking declaration: he doesn’t think his pregnant wife is human. It sounds like a plot from Caroline’s story game, yet Tom’s declining health causes her to question what is true and what is fiction. The tight hold she has over her desires begins to loosen, and Caroline makes an impetuous decision that will alter her life – and the lives of her family – in devastating ways.

DREAMS AND REASON is a powerful literary debut about identity, friendship, forgiveness, the nature of sanity, and the human strength to persevere.