Dreams and Reason owes its creation to a fairy folklore book I borrowed from the library. There was a section on the ganconer {gánconâgh} along with “The Love Talker” poem by Ethna Carbery. I’ve always been fascinated by the changeling myth as well, so I based the novel around this idea. The first scene I wrote was Tom’s confession in the woods – where he tells Caroline that his wife isn’t human. The story grew from this into more of a psychological character study. Is Emily a changeling? Is Gareth real? Or did Tom and Caroline imagine everything? The answers to those questions are for the reader to determine 😉

Being a fan of period dramas greatly influenced my writing style. Dreams and Reason is told in short scenes from multiple perspectives. My goal was to keep the action flowing while providing a view from all angles. From the beginning, I knew the story needed more than just Caroline’s vantage point. I wanted the reader to see what was happening to Tom through his own eyes. I am fond of unreliable narrators, but I didn’t want to turn Caroline into one by having her the sole witness. Dreams and Reason is also a family drama – and when the time came – Maryanne was promoted from a supporting actress to a leading role. She was always more level-headed than Caroline or Tom, so I think she helped to balance out the story by providing a bit of logic.

If you enjoy instrumental music, I put together a book soundtrack. You can also view my pinterest board to see some of the people who inspired my characters.